We analyze all factors which may affect the production quality and the process of their interaction with each other, and form and realize applicable policies accordingly.

We implement methods and procedures which completely comply with the legal requirements of food safety in our activities. International standards form the quality parameters of our system.

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, published on September 1st, 2005; is an international standard established in order to establish a safe food production chain throughout the world. It aims to establish communication between the suppliers, users, legal authorities, consumers and all relevant units and thus the traceability of all steps of the safe food.
This Standard defines the needs for the food safety management system which is followed and combines the key elements to ensure the food safety up to the final consumption through the food chain.


What Is The Importance Of Iso 22000 For The Sector ?

Implementation of ISO 22000 system allows the suppliers to improve the production and service processes of the products highly demanded by the sector and to make them safe for the human health and more profitable for the company.

ISO 22000 system completes HACCP system principles and implementation steps, and complies with ISO 9001 as the management responsibilities define the training and continuous improvement activities. Thus, it both ensures safe food production and accelerates the institutionalization processes of the companies and supports their development.

As ISO 22000 system is an international standard, it enables the enterprises to accomplish their international trade targets.

ISO 22000 enables the consumers to receive products and services which comply with the international standards and are high-quality, reliable and healthy. 


ISO 22000


Fulfills all liabilities of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and organizes continuous and fast product/service flows of the food additives it produces and makes them available to you through its own supply network.

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